Environmentalist and online dating

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The most recent Valentine’s Day may have reminded you that it’s a harsh dating world out there.

Whether you’re lucky enough to meet someone through a chance encounter at the coffee shop, free dating sites, or even through unorthodox methods such as Chinese astrological sign alignment – once you’ve met someone special you probably want to do everything in your power to make it work. This can be especially tough sometimes when your love interest is a hard core environmentalist and has some less-than-conventionally-romantic habits.

You may love your baby for having those strong beliefs, but watch out before they become deal breakers. Call us old fashioned, but good desserts have butter and eggs and lots of them. Try to compromise and get your date to agree to organic non-vegan desserts.

As with all relationships, the name of the game is compromise. If all else fails, stick to seasonal fruits dipped in dark chocolate which are both delicious and a fun activity.4) He/she has bed bugs in his/her second hand furniture.

Online dating sites are just one of the ways that people can meet prospective partners online.

Naylor While not strictly an environmental book, Affluenza nonetheless has a distinctly green tinge.Natural Friends was created in 1985 as the UK's first 'green' dating and friendship service.Since then we have helped thousands of singles to find LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and HAPPINESS.This guide is a must-read for anyone dating a “green” person.If you want to keep them till next Valentine’s Day, read on.

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