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As with many reality TV talent programmes, the creators held open auditions to find Britain's hottest young talent.When auditions began in November 2007, there was no script, no set storyline and no characters. ” It was because acting was something I didn’t want to do; and I think that’s why I got the part, because I was this mischievous guy.’.At school, aged 11, a dance tutor gave a tap display and Mitch was smitten.Let me just say, unlike most people, I wanted to like Britannia High, I really did. It has been done to death and I rate it 2 out of 10.But after watching the first episode let me just say that if you tune into this, be prepared for a cheesy clichéd sub-par version of Fame. The characters: There is a bitchy mean girl, a shy, talented girl and a cute, caring talented guy.

He was born in a place called Bristol, which lies in United Kingdom.

Georgina "Georgie" Kimberley Hagen (born 21 June 1991) is an English actress and singer.

She is most known for her appearance as Lauren Waters, from ITV's Britannia High.

Supporting the troops through their musical madness is Principal Nugent played by Mark Benton (The Street, City Lights) and dance mentor Stefan, played by Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen).

Mitch Hewer (fun-loving Danny) previously played Maxxie Oliver in Skins, and Georgina Hagen (Lauren) will be known to tweens for her role as Rebecca Chalmers in the final series of The Story of Tracy Beaker. The troop's first fictional single "The Start of Something" is a teeny pop nightmare, as though S Club Juniors have revived their pop career and come back with dental veneers and a choreographer.

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