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If your ISP does not have a news server, you can refer to a list of publicly accessible news servers.

Once the connection is established, your newsreader downloads all of the new messages posted in the newsgroups that you are subscribed to.

You can join a newsgroup at any time to become part of a huge conversation between hundreds or even thousands of people.

Newsgroups originated in North Carolina back in 1979.

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Email Lists of Individuals) Composing email: Adding Attachments: Getting a Receipt: Sending Secure Email: Signature Files: Personal Cards: Receiving email First decision -- what to read or trash? Reading the Email: How do I detach and read/ view/ listen/ etc. Additional Features of the Messenger Email Client: Folders: How to use effectively: Filters -- Setting up automated rules for processing your email Security: Sort: Threads: III.

Email Client Applications: The email sender or creation functions: The email Receiver Client functions: Email Servers: The Email Server Sender functions: The Email Server Recipient functions: The Internet Cloud: Email Threads Thoughts on managing email that is saved: Spam (electronic junk mail) and how to avoid it!

One source of both information and communication is newsgroups.

A newsgroup is a continuous public discussion about a particular topic.

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