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In June last year, Mrs Ward was found guilty of one count of common assault after 'prodding' eighties pop star Sinitta.London's Westminster Magistrates' Court heard Sinitta suggested that Mrs Ward's husband of 21 years had cheated on her and she hit back by calling Sinitta a 'has been' one-hit wonder who was 'hanging on to Simon Cowell's' coat tails.How To Get Away With Murder’s tradition of two-hour finales should perhaps be reconsidered in the future.The show so often overwhelms by overstuffing its episodes, and halfway into the first part of tonight’s finale, I was already exhausted. But no one understands her better than Wes Felix, her older brother, only sibling, former track star and Allyson's full-time agent since 2009. We play this little game called: Who's the professional athlete here? So if I want to stay somewhat in shape, it's going to come from very disciplined eating. ' And she goes, 'He sees the packages everywhere, so he figured it must be one of my favorite things.' That's probably not what you're expecting of an Olympic champion who weighs 120 pounds and has no body fat. Would she like to come up to the factory and tour the plant in Vermont? Everyone close to her calls her 'Shug,' like sugar without the 'ur.' After she was born, my dad felt we looked exactly the same, so he called her 'Wes in a Dress' for a while. We need to call her 'Shuggah Puggah.' My dad was like: That's never gonna fly. The first memorable one, I think, was Marion Jones when she was maybe 12 or 13. We were at a Creole restaurant called Harold & Belle's in L. It's a special-occasion kind of place for our family. So he actually leaves the restaurant, gets some autographed headshots, comes back, and tries to pawn the headshots off on us. Allyson and I still laugh about it -- the moment Ike force[d] us to take his signed headshots. And Marion Jones would be the first one where she really went and got it. ”: RELATED2017 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? Later, though, when it was clear Annalise was being investigated by the DA (more on that in a second), she asked him to take the fall. Because when she’s backed into a corner, Lurky Mc Churchmouse will forever and for always play for Team Annalise.“You love me — but you want me to jump on the grenade for all of us? * On “Fire Night,” we saw Nate enter Annalise’s home office, in search of his ex, followed shortly thereafter by Laurel, responding to her boss’ request to convene for a meeting. — the house exploded, and all of the horrors that we’ve seen in flash-foward over the last eight episodes fell into place. Wes learned Atwood and those barely-there detectives were looking into the death of Rebecca, whose body turned up in the woods.

Did you know going into Season 3 that Wes would die? RELATEDGrey’s Anatomy‘s Kevin Mc Kidd Talks Megan’s Impact on Owen/Nathan’s Reigniting Bromance"Grey’s Anatomy‘s Kevin Mc Kidd Talks Megan’s Impact on Owen/Nathan’s Reigniting Bromance Obviously, part of me was hoping, “Maybe it can be some new character who I haven’t fallen in love with yet.” I kept waiting to come up with an idea that worked.A source told The Sun on Sunday that money was loaned to Mrs Ward, an interior designer, four years ago and it hasn't been paid back.Mr and Mrs Brown are now said to be taking legal action against Mrs Ward and the disagreement has jeopardized the friendship between the two. They agreed, but with interest payable after six months.'It seems to them she took advantage of their kindness and has no intention of giving it back.'The tension between the pair during filming is palpable.Last week tempers flared on set again and a glass was smashed.'A spokesperson for Mrs Ward said: 'We have been friends for years and have completed many business deals together and everybody is aware that money is owed on both sides.We have tried to arrange a meeting to clear this up but the offer has not been accepted.' A spokesperson for Leanne Brown has been contacted for comment.

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