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Jessica and Luke were quite smitten by love of each other.They made their relationship public as they were spotted enjoying together at many events.In 2008 Pasqualino became one of the new succession patrons in the third season of the E4 young drama television series Skins, which replaces its principal cast members all two seasons.Pasqualino portrayed Freddie Mc Clair, a laid-back weed-smoking university student.But the destiny was faithful for Luke and after nine auditions he got in so there is no time to search for someone special that he could name Luke Pasqualino girlfriend.It looks like Luke spent one year in the television series and now he can dream about acting in movies, because the show is really popular.Before his relationship with Jessica, he was found kissing Klariza Clayton but, this could not take a perfect solid shape because they seem more like a co-star playing a movie together.Luke Pasqualino is a British actor who is famous for his acting talents which were well exhibited in ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (2012)’, ‘Snowpiercer (2013)’, and ‘The Apparition (2012)’.

Twenty six year old Pasqualino is also known for his hard work and his friendly nature towards his mates and co- workers.

It seems that Luke Pasqualino girlfriend does not exist at the moment and this is understandable because he is still trying to make his way in the show business.

It looks like the time that he has first auditioned in order to make it into the television series Skins he was number 5,282 and he keeps this number up until this day, because at first he thought that he would never make it, because there were a lot of people who wanted to get into this television series.

They never opened about their relationship details as public and thus there is nothing much about their past history.

The hot Luke after breaking up with his first girlfriend was seen around hanging with Jessica.

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