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The morning after the announcement, Ripa was absent from “Live.” “Kelly sees this as the ultimate betrayal,” a source told Page Six at the time.

Another source confirmed that Ripa was having a “total meltdown” after being blindsided by the news.

They divorced in June 2015 after 15 years of marriage.

Lara Jean is a sixteen year old Korean, half-Caucasian girl.

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That night, Lara Jean teases Kitty about her own crush on Josh, upsetting her.She may have a criminal record, but Strahan’s girlfriend can rock a bikini. Prior to the move, he appeared frequently on the morning show as a correspondent.However, the scandal could have been defused if ABC had just told his “Live” co-host, Kelly Ripa, about the shake-up.(And if you're UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, then it definitely isn't).Lady Lara Asprey, 32, from Chelsea in London, set up her website The Sloane Arranger as a way of helping "Sloaney sorts" (we're talking male millionaires and celebs) in their quest for love.

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