Boot disk for updating bios

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(Since version 3.3.0, the Linux kernel has included a built-in boot loader, though, so this distinction is rather artificial these days, at least for Linux.) Many popular boot managers, such as the Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), are also boot loaders, which can blur the distinction in many users' minds.

All EFI-capable OSes include boot loaders, so this limitation isn't a problem.

Everything runs fine, except for occasional hang ups at startup. More precisely, when I boot the pc, as the 4 color spheres appear and start whirling toward making the MS logo, everything freezes. I am then offered to start Windows normally or let Windows attempt a startup repair.

It's recommended a Windows operating system should be installed first.Also, El Torito bootable format for CD-ROMs and DVDs is supported.UEFI provides backward compatibility with legacy systems by reserving the first block (sector) of the partition for compatibility code, effectively creating a legacy boot sector.READ DOWN FOR THE ORIGINAL 1st POST.**********************/EDIT***********************Hi, I'd really appreciate suggestions on how to diagnose boot problems.I recently bought a new system (specs below) and installed Windows 7.

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