Domlogs not updating cpanel

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Feel free to use it to force the webstats update: NOTE: As server updates Awstats once in 24 hours, the Update now option will disappear after some time. Find the tmp/awstats/awstats.conf file, right-click on it and select Edit: 3.

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It updates regularily, typically on daily basis, and provides an excellent graphical representation for easy understanding.I'm not understanding how updating Cpanel should require me to tame CSF so it's not triggered as easily.I like the warnings, I'm very paranoid, but I cant help but to think something is wrong since now that Cpanel has been upgraded I'm getting warnings off every site.Use search to look for the following line: Allow To Update Stats From Browser=0update it to Allow To Update Stats From Browser=1and Save the changes: 4.Now go back to Awstats: There you will see Update now option.

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