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I am definitely not my hobbies, because they are like everyones. I guess the only way you will know who I am is I am honest, simple lady who believes in God. I think the best part of me is bieng so kind to I have a good sense of humor I grew up in Vancouver but I tend to travel for work purposes.

I am not a paid member A simple person, kind and helpful to others.

Consider this - one in eight families are parented by single moms, 10% of children live in stepfamilies and lone-parent families account for 14% of Canadian familial households.

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I am loyal to people I love and to my close friends. Yet what might surprise you is the gender of the majority of Dirksen’s date-coaching customers: female.Alberta has great economic indicators to fuel a thriving love industry– the highest per-capita disposable income in Canada, at ,761 (with a lot of those disposable incomes earned by young, single men).About a year ago, Shawna Dirksen launched Wundermeet, a matchmaking company in Edmonton. “We had clients who were getting that first date, online or otherwise, who were just unable to get that second or third date, and wondering what was happening,” Dirksen says. “It’s like a personal trainer, only for dating,” she says.Prices start at 9 for women and 9 for men, while base matchmaking services start at 9.

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