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The year was 1982, the city was Akron, the time was a cool night in November (almost as cool as we were), and the place was none other than The Happening Lounge.

The Happening Lounge was the club the Bonertown Booty Boys called home, and we were there so often that people just called it The Bootyhole.

But if that college kid also happens to play quarterback for a SEC football team, his embarrassing moments are going to be news.

Singer and the other defendants in the ongoing lawsuits deny wrongdoing and have filed motions to have the complaints dismissed.

Geffen was not accused of any misconduct in the suits nor named as a defendant.

We were all so young back then, my friends and I, but I remember that night like it was yesterday.

I think that's a night we'd all remember, the night the Bonertown Booty Boys got ol' Chad Weaver laid.

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