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We’ve been engaged for over a year now.”AE: It seems that many fans knew already anyway. MM: I just did a little guest spot on And I was up for a series on ABC Family. AE: Well, you’re small, but you don’t sound like a young girl. Meanwhile, I was already engaged to him at that point. We’ve been together way longer than that.” We’d been engaged for three months at that point, so three weeks was nothing. She gets a sister that comes in and she’s constantly breaking down from everything that’s been going on.The loss of her father is really hard for her to deal with. A lot of twists and turns with every single character; you would not expect it. Aiden is a tough jock and he has some emotional scenes.Originally uninterested in becoming an actress, the change came in high school when acting became her passion.She performed roles in Anything Goes and The Miracle Worker.I want things that are going to be challenging like “South of Nowhere” is so I am going to be a little bit picky. Well last season, the first season, she really got to know all of the characters and you saw that Ashley was not into labels.This season you get to know her more in depth, why she’s not into labels and what her background is like.

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It’s sort of mixed-up — there’s a somewhat reluctant-to-take-off storyline about a curious ostensibly-straight girl visiting a small town who is charmed by the village lesbian, and this narrative is intercut with startlingly authentic interviews with seemingly real small town queer people. It’s a Canadian film in which everybody works in academia speaks in NPR voices and wears sensible sweaters and none of the women wear makeup.We’re putting together this list of the Top 100 Lesbian Movies Of All Time, a project which has involved a lot of surveying of other movie-watchers and has also required me to watch no less than 30 allegedly queer films over the last two weeks.I believe this process has transformed my brain into a smaller, more forgiving and less cynical organ than it was last month.But none of that compares to the pace at which I’ve been consuming lesbian films for the past two weeks.I watched a bunch of movies nobody had seen and bunch of movies we just weren’t sure where to place.

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